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August 28 2012

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綾瀬さやか - Google+


deliciously restored
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We’ve been thinking about restoring our Jesus Action Figure, how about this?

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my spirit animal the sloth bear #sandiegozoo (Taken with Instagram)

August 27 2012

August 24 2012

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one last friday post

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heres to fridays

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ahhhhhhh, finally friday

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August 23 2012

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Sliding door outta nowhere

ah so thats what thursday feels like

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Vans Get-N Classic Vol. 2 Trailer
end of summer days

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(via design traveller: Clean lines)

i would like this now please.

August 22 2012

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London-based sculptor and illustrator Arran Gregory recently opened a solo show entitled WOLF at Print House Gallery in London. The exhibition which runs through September 6th, includes both illustrations and a pair of gorgeous faux-taxidermy animals including a wolf and rhinoceros head sculpted from mirrors.

this is radass

August 21 2012

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Hypnotoad Vinyl Figure

Free will is overrated; swear allegiance to the one and only true power with this vinyl figurine whose mesmerizing lenticular eyes pulsate with the power of ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD. Available for purchase at Think Geek for $39.99 USD.

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new summer #stussy T. SF souvenir (Taken with Instagram)

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the melrose of SF. #monkeyking (Taken with Instagram)

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#stussy store (Taken with Instagram)

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Taken with Instagram

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